22nd June

22nd June
Finisterre to Muxia 28k

Most of today was forest and bitumen and plenty of climbing before finally a fairly long descent into Muxia.  We saw quite a few pilgrims walking in the opposite direction throughout the day. Just when we started to wonder if we would bump into Edgar someone we've been bumping into almost since the beginning there he was as if by magic.  We said our goodbyes as we probably won't see him again. 

Our accommodation was easy to find and we  have a very nice private room in an Alburgue.

As I took my backpack and shoes off I realized it was for the last time I would wear them as a pilgrim as our pilgrimage has finished here in Muxia.  After 46 days on the Camino and 44 of those were spent walking it was an emotional moment.  We've covered over 900k in that time, met lots of wonderful people and seen some amazing sights. We've been incredibly privileged to be able to have made this journey and I know I haven't taken a single day for granted.   We've both been thankful for everyday and all the things and people each day has delivered  We're both travel weary and looking forward to home but a part of me wants this to go on forever.

So now we'll rest up and and have a few days as tourists and who knows maybe start making plans for whatever we'll do next.....so.
Until next time.
Buen Camino

21st June

21st June
Cee to Finisterre 13k

The day started with a wander along the seafront before the climbing began.  It wasn't really too bad but we'd rushed a bit yesterday so our legs were fatigued.

It didn't take too long to reap the rewards of our labours with the views we'd been waiting for.  We arrived at the beach called  Praia de Langosteira and walked its 2k length bare foot and paddled in the cool clear water.....bliss!

We had arrived at Finisterre.  It was believed to be the end of the earth and I can understand why as in the evening we went 3k up to the lighthouse and sat on a rock high above the sea and watched the sun set.  As the sun slowly began to drop there seemed to be a space between the sea and the sky, perhaps it's the space that people thought separated the known and unknown worlds?  As the sun starts to touch the sea it seems the sea bends around it for a few seconds. We felt privileged to be there tonight and not a cloud to disturb the view either.

This would have been a great place to finish our pilgrimage but we had already decided to continue on and so tomorrow we head into our final day of walking and go to Muxia.

20th June

20th June
Olveiroa to Cee 20k

We were excited to be heading towards the sea again today.  It's been a couple of weeks since we headed away from the northern coastline and headed inland to Santiago and it seems ages since we saw the beautiful views we were spoilt with back then.  The Galician countryside is beautiful but after a couple of weeks of it we were looking forward to a change.

We started out climbing for a while and then reached the high moors. The midges were out in force and had a really good feed on me.  We marched on and on waiting for the down hill we were expecting to reveal the views we were waiting for and then finally there it was......Beautiful, we're back at the sea.  No longer on the northern coast with the sea on our right but now on the eastern coast with the sea on our left heading to Finisterre (the end of the earth).

19th June

19th June
Santa Marina to Olveiroa

Feeling tired and weary this morning and grateful to only be walking 13k.  Doesn't sound much but when you're tired it's a very long way.  I think the climbing of the last few days has accumulated in our legs maybe.  Today was no exception to the last few days and we climbed quite a bit.  All of today was on a quiet country road and the scenery was a patchwork of fields broken only by a lake in the distance.  It was  a lovely sight.

We arrived at our accommodation tired but very happy when we saw where we are staying tonight and I'm so glad we've treated ourselves.  We've just eaten the most fabulous lunch washed down with a very nice Chupito and I think we'll need to walk extra fast tomorrow to work some of this off.  We understand siesta now!!!

18th June

18th June
Negreira to Santa Marina 20k

We had some lovely walking in a forest of Oak and Eucalyptus. It was shady, a perfect temperature and soft underfoot.  That didn't last long enough and then there was some road and then some rough dirt track with little shade.  It had become really hot by then so we particularly missed the shady forest.  There were only two bars to stop at for food one of which was off the Camino just a short way. We decided it was time for our well deserved morning coffee break.  Some kind farmer thought we were lost and directed us firmly back onto the Camino and watched us to make sure we didn't take any more wrong turns.  So with our morning break thwarted we pushed on to the next stop and boy did we enjoy that coffee when we finally  got it.

The scenery was much the same as yesterday although we got much closer to the wind turbines today.

Tomorrow is a short day and we're glad about that.

17th June

17th June
Santiago de Compostela to Negreira 23k

It was so nice to be just 'us' again after a week spent with others and while we really enjoyed their company we really enjoy the space of being on the journey with each other.  As we left Santiago this morning  waved off by our new Camigos we made sure we touched the stone in the square in front of the Cathedral  just one more time to make sure we return someday.

What a fabulous day.  It was warm, the sun was shining and we walked in short sleeves for the first time this trip.  The breeze was warm as well but not hot like the sun.  The way was very pretty along shaded paths through the forest with a couple of climbs one of which was long and testing.  We came across a very pretty village with a medieval bridge Ponte Maceira over the rio Tambre.

When we arrived in Negreira we did our usual chores before finding a supermarket to stock up on supplies for the next couple of days as the guide book says there's not much chance to do this before Finisterre.  So our backpacks just got a bit heavier again!

16th June

16th June Santiago de Compostela

Today we had a rest day.  The first day off from walking for 20 days.  We needed it and it was so good to be here in Santiago.  We took care of business today.  We found the laundromat, we went to the hairdresser which was such a luxury.  Oh....you can't imagine and that energized us to get organized for our final push.  About 125k give or take a bit.

The Camino just blows me away......this evening we decided to walk along a street we haven't used much before and we found and older German lady who we call 'Valter' we haven't found her for at least a month and there she was.  It was so nice to find her after all this time.  She is so inspirational.  She doesn't speak Spanish, she is not young and one tough cookie.  She is on a route I  wouldn't tackle alone.  She reminded me of a very special friend at home and tears flowed once more.....so it is sometimes!!!